15 Fantastic Real Estate WordPress Themes in 2022

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Are you thinking of opening a wp real estate website to sell one or more properties?

Real estate WordPress themes are one of the most popular website-building platforms in the world. This is because you can easily manage a real estate website with WordPress.

In this article, I will show you a very nice best WordPress real estate theme that will help you implement your plans and improve your business.

The theme of your website will be updated next year. Of course, these themes are featured below.

All themes include Google Map integration, social media integration, filtering, responsive design, front-end property submission, and a nice usable dashboard.

 These themes work responsibly for each device.

So let’s go choose your best real estate WordPress theme…..

1.  Houzez

Perfect theme for a real estate website. Houzez theme was designed by analyzing the needs and requirements of real estate agents and companies. 

The theme uses two-page builders 1. Element and 2. Visual Composer. With Page Builder, you can easily manage your real estate website. It is highly responsive in Google Chrome and Firefox browsers and responsive on all devices.

This theme contains more than 30 element widgets. Features of Google Maps API integration, smooth video background, schooling effect, advanced search system, grid layout theme

best real estate wordpress theme
houzez theme

2. RealtySpace

 Realtyspace is a multiple and easy-to-use WordPress real estate theme. Realtyspace theme is the most professional real estate WordPress theme in the world, specifically designed to work as a real estate agent and agency.is a real estate agent WordPress theme  Realtyspace best for you.

The WordPress theme uses page builder WPBekery which allows you to create a website instantly without touching the coding.

This theme loads a lot of premium key features that will help you take your website one step further,

Search buttons and custom layout nicely scrolling for filtering, the most beautiful ajax, and search.

real estate theme
elementor real estate

3. Webify

If you need a real estate WordPress theme then webify

You can like them. Webify contains a standard demo. This is a general theme that you can use for any project.

 Elementor drag-and-drop page builder is used in this theme, Elementor page builder helps to avoid coding.

 It has 20 demos that you can use to create a readymade website with one click. Also, it is much easier to custom design a website with Element.

Google Map Integration, Social Media Integration, gravity form, call to action, scrolling animation.

real estate wordpress
wp real estate theme

4. Rehomes

Rehomes WordPress Group is one of the real estate themes. This theme is designed for sale or for rent, apartment, commercial developer, residential, rent, house, flat, and much more.

 At first glance, the feeling of these three WordPress looks may be quite similar, but gradually looking at its template you can realize the beauty of this theme.

However, one of the best features of this theme is the use of Element page-builder, which is one of the most popular in the world.

real homes theme

5. Residence

Residence WordPress theme has earned a reputation for being a well-organized business of real estate agents and agencies.

 Apartment, houses, industrial, land office retail, villas.

If you want to rent and sell apartments then this wp residence theme is best for you. There are 30 demos of this WordPress theme that you can use to easily expand your property in a short time.

wp residence theme

6. Square

 Square is a part of WordPress real estate themes.

 The theme is designed to enhance the real estate website business growth. This theme includes ajax, sticky header, custom section, custom header, and footer.

themeforest real estate
themeforest real estate

7. RealHomes

A Handicraft WordPress Theme for Websites is RealHomes.

The Real Home theme works very well for the growth and development of real estate agents and agency companies.

Adding Property, Agents, Agencies, Price Format, URL Slugs, GDPR, Social Links, Webhooks Very nice futures you will get this theme.

real homes wordpress theme
real homes theme

8. Resido

Resido Real Estate WordPress Theme will help you create a beautiful project. Because it contains high-quality code, JT was created as a SmartDataSoft efficient stream

Resido theme plays an important role in creating such websites as booking, easy property listings, property, realtor and accommodation. A part of the modern UX resido theme that offers you the theme.

  Resido theme enables you to publish your website in a subtle style. You can create dynamic, responsive professional websites without any hassle

wordpress real estate website
easy property listings

9. HomePress

Choosing the hompress WordPress theme to create amazing individual websites is best for you.

IDX Integrated WordPress Theme works as a responsive for real estate marketplaces, brokers, real estate agents, realtors, and agencies. This theme includes a super customizable element page-builder. Homepress has many real estate features Such as search tools, which will help your users find your real estate easy property listings. For example property type, the number of bedroom rooms and if you have your own property, etc.

 You should choose this theme to give a beautiful look to a professional real estate website.

property listing wordpress theme
real estate investors

10. Reales WP

Another great real estate WordPress theme is reales which can be used for rental business. The dsIDXpress WordPress plugin is a feature of reales that can be used to list properties.

Properties, Agents, Agencies, SEO, Monetization, Speed, Google Map,

reCAPTCHA and Terms These types of futures are reales theme features.

  You’ll find the benefits of using properties, agent lists, agencies, search filtering, and maps in the WordPress theme.

11. MaisonCo

If you are looking for a single property real estate WordPress theme then the MaisonCo theme is perfect for you.

Themes are designed to promote single properties, apartments, and complex real estate properties. This is a standalone contact form featuring a single property WordPress theme, and property features. Addon for sharing photos and videos.

real estate wordpress
real estate wordpress

12. HomeID

HomeID Homeid WordPress Themes are designed to highlight nice home design and another page * features.



It can also be used to create a single real estate website

best real estate wordpress theme
best real estate wordpress theme

13. Sway

 Another popular WordPress premium theme is sway. Sway theme has a stylish design

The sway theme plays an important role in the modern look and growth of a business, you can easily develop a website with this WordPress theme without any coding knowledge.

There are over 60 complete demos that you can use to create a website right away.

wordpress real estate website

14. Real places

Real Place is a new theme for WordPress users that will keep your real estate site up to date in Hawaii.

These theme layouts play an important role in making each project interesting. No matter which demos you choose, each demo layout will give you something unique.

best realplace theme

15. Homeo

If you are looking for a flexible WordPress theme then the Homeo theme will be best for you

You can easily use this theme without any coding, you will find the kind of real estate website you are interested in creating in this theme future.

By creating a real estate website with this SIM, all your content will be able to reach the property visitors.

Thank you for your patience in viewing the real estate  WordPress themes.

real estate investors
real estate website themes

One of your questions may be that I have said all the themes are good, then which is the best?

In reply, I will say that all the wp real state website themes that have been shown to you have features. This theme has been selected by selecting the peak of your business growth. There are no reviews for these WordPress themes.

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