25 Awesome WordPress Real Estate Themes in 2022

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Real estate themes can be easily customized in WordPress for every website

Have you decided to create a WordPress real estate website to sell one or more properties?

You can list the properties of your choice through a WordPress website in one of the following themes. 

 At first glance, this theme may not look good but using it slowly will take you to another level. Featured templates will make you fascinated. The pre-build templates of WordPress real estate themes give a modern look to sort your properties in list form. Real estate WordPress themes provide eye-catching designs with the development of creativity. 

Another great feature of real estate themes is WPBekery page builder and Elementor page builder. Drag-and-drop is very easy with these page builders. The website can be managed.  

Each of the real estate WordPress themes has its own features, such as social media integration, Google Map integration, a subscription to communicate, and many demos that support sorting your assets. Responsive for arranging properties on each device.  

 Real Estate Themes has been selected for next year’s update.  

These themes work responsibly for each device…

1. Vellum

Vellum’s unique infrastructure for creating any type of design layout or style from a single WordPress theme. Fully optimized in terms of SEO. Business, eCommerce, travel, photography, music, real estate, and even the kind of site you need for a wedding does not matter. This is multiple themes.

UberMenu is the number one mega-menu plugin for WordPress with over 45,000 sales, JT works directly with this theme. The included version includes mega menus, multiple columns, titles, subtitles, and icons in the middle of UberMenu.

The powerful slider plugin in the WordPress theme, Slider Revolution almost powerful in the world and gives your website and slide shows extraordinary quality. Slider Revolution is currently the best-selling on CodeCanyon.

best real estate wordpress theme


2. Real Estate 7

wp pro real estate 7 is a great designed WordPress theme for real estate company agents, apartment managers, brokerage, residential and commercial management, and much more.

wp pro real estate 7 not only publishes a real estate WordPress theme but with its own CRM and IDX it is a complete business-to-business solution for managing real estate business, adding more users by focusing on the usability of frontend and backend features, and more leads. Capture, acquire potential clients, and earn commissions.

Real Estate WordPress Three was released in 2008. Since then they have gradually added thousands of agents, brokers, and new futures to residential, commercial, and real estate. They try to improve something new through regular updates.


Nexos is a real estate WordPress theme that is perfect for real estate agents and agencies. It includes an automated installation and demo import tool. There is a great plugin for translating languages. Languages ​​can be translated automatically using the Google Translate API,

Includes custom fields without any coding required. It includes a currency converter, mortgage calculator, one-click Facebook login, spam prevention, and ReCaptcha.

The theme is based on Bootstrap which will help you design as you wish. Effective slider plays a major role in arranging pictures, and color tools. Assets can be arranged in the form of boxes on your device or without running the box,

nexos wordpress theme


Opalhomes supports the creation of professional real estate websites. Created with creativity and ingenuity, there are 6 more demos that can be used to change the look of a website with one click.

The theme gives a different dimension to the home page pages. Contains a powerful visual composer page-builder builder. The role of the theme in the easy way to manage and customize is immense.

real estate wordpress
real estate theme

5. Good Homes

A modern and attractive real estate theme good home. For real estate agencies, realtor firms, and managers’ apartment services it has strong responsiveness criteria and brilliant business diversity.

It is suitable for broker bureaus, vacation rentals, single estate agents, residential and commercial developers, real estate mortgages, flat designers, house building, office rentals, and property owners.

For real estate companies, you can use it for a corporate page. A single property can be used to sell objects. The theme has an elegant catalog

real estate WordPress themes


This theme is an option to help you create a flexible and modern real estate website. The easiest way to create a website is to import pages and posts with one click. Check all the futures of the website by importing demos with one click.

 The demand for this theme is huge for independent agents and agencies. There are already 9 pre-made demos that allow you to quickly create a website in a matter of seconds.

Want the latest real estate plugins, fully feature them, easy customize and override layout, and function. Supported GlobalBuild Market, Payment, List Proper, Single Agent … etc.

real estate wordpress


Another exciting and stylish WordPress theme is ekko. It is suitable for a modern business.

Building a good relationship with the users is very important. Ekko has more than .50 demos in the hard selection of government options that point to specific industries and niches. The theme is strong enough to support any kind of small or large company business

 WPBakery Page Builder gives you more design flexibility. Gives beauty-based design. Let’s create your own layout. There are more than 200 templates that make the look of a beautiful website look new after use. Your image can be swapped, posted, pages, and edited without touching any kind of code.

real estate theme

8. Reales Wp

Real Estate WordPress Theme provides a modern, clean design. A fully responsive mobile, the tablet works great on any device. Hard to find these flaws. However, sometimes the plugins do not update, which is a problem.

It submits front-end properties and logins with Edit, Search, Google Map Integration, Shortcodes, Advanced Property Filters, Custom Colors, Facebook, and Google Accounts, each reflecting the theme. There are addons for creating agent cards and social media sharing through templates.

wp real estate
wp real estate

9. Realtyspace

 Realtyspace WordPress theme can be used for real estate agents and organizations. It has purposeful design such as custom currency, custom area units, and translatable text.

Jetty is built with realtyspace retina layout, easy for buyers to find and manage assets, and can be operated with responsiveness from any device.

The layout looks great on everything but you can make it as great as you want by arranging it in the shape of a box.

This theme loads a lot of premium important features that will help you take your website one step further, with filtering, beautiful Ajax, and search buttons for search and custom layout nicely scrolling 2.

Realtyspace is a multiple and easy-to-use WordPress real estate theme. Realtyspace theme is the most professional real estate WordPress theme in the world, specifically designed to work as a real estate agent and agency.

The WordPress theme uses page builder WPBekery which allows you to create a website instantly without touching the coding.

real estate wordpress theme free

10. Homepress

Choosing the hompress WordPress theme to create amazing individual websites is best for you.

IDX Integrated WordPress Theme works as a responsive for real estate marketplaces, brokers, real estate agents, realtors, and agencies. This theme includes a super customizable element page-builder. The home press has many real estate features Such as search tools, which will help your users find real estate listings. For example property type, number of bedroom rooms and if you have your own property, etc.

Which theme is organized with 18 demos, The theme must be used to create real estate marketplaces and real estate listings. Home press admin panel is customizable very easily.

You should choose this theme to give a beautiful look to a professional real estate website.

wp real estate

11. Webify

Webify theme has recently taken its place among the people on the platform, from which it is easy to understand that some of the benefits have benefited the people.

Webify theme works great with speed. The responsive theme appeals to all users, making the future of Wii Webify Fire brighter for viewing beautifully from any type of device. Displays eye-catching views, especially on mobile devices.

Future includes Boxed and Boxed Layout, Demo Pre-load, and Featured Slider. Custom header and footer can be created with great page builder elements. Helps avoid elemental code.

Webify contains a standard demo. This is a general theme that you can use for any project.  

It has 20 demos that you can use to create a readymade website with one click. Also, it is much easier to custom design a website with Element.

Google Map Integration, Social Media Integration, gravity form, call to action, scrolling animation.

wordpress real estate website
real estate website themes

12. MaisonCo

You can select maisonCo theme with your eyes closed without looking for a single property real estate WordPress theme.

The theme is designed to promote the single property, apartments, house raw house rent, and complex real estate properties. All the details for creating an Apartment Complex website are included in the theme. Addon for sharing photos and videos.

The Maison Apartment Complex presentation includes all kinds of equipment for brokerage agent services, residential realtors, building companies, rental businesses, commercial and residential developers, shops, and stores.

elementor real estate
real estate investors

13. Rehomes

Rehomes is a Multiple Real Estate WordPress Theme. Works for real estate agents and agencies. From scratch to web templates with great design.

Rehomes offers a variety of features including services for apartments, apartment managers, house rentals, residential and commercial, flats, and more. Using Google Maps, website users will be able to easily locate.

The home page may look the same at first glance, but after a few days of use, you will gradually realize its features. Moreover, the theme uses a powerful element page builder which can be used to customize any template in any way.

At first glance, the feeling of this three WordPress may seem quite similar, but gradually looking at its template you can realize the beauty of this theme.

easy property listings
real estate agent wordpress theme


14. Residence

wp residence theme has earned a reputation for being a well-organized business of real estate agents and agencies.

Apartment, houses, industrial, land office retail, villas. Unlimited custom fields for search, dropdown, number, and date format fields. Search advanced fields by category or search tab. There are unlimited opportunities to check out an advanced search.

If you want to rent and sell an apartment, this theme is best for you. The WordPress theme has 30 demos that you can use to easily expand your property in a short time.

wp residence theme
wp residence theme

15. Houzez

The Real Estate WordPress Theme seeks to create a management tool, the houzez theme exists to cover real estate assets, highlighting the role that real estate professionals can assume. Was involved in renting.

They scraped the previous codes. And houzez themes 2.0 works well with the WordPress version. You can add different types of properties (such as rental and sale) to the search panel by adding a tab. Once the search panel is created the letter houzez themes can be applied anywhere.

The theme uses two face builders 1. Element and 2. Visual Composer. With Page Builder, you can easily manage your real estate website. It is highly responsive in Google Chrome and Firefox browsers and responsive on all devices.

woocommerce real estate
houzez theme

16. Sway

The best way to select an exciting WordPress real estate theme is to have a good relationship with the users.

The sway theme plays an important role in the modern look and growth of a business, you can easily develop a website with this WordPress theme without any coding knowledge. There are more than 65+ demos that can be used to easily manage any type of business, big or small.

WPBakery provides support for creating your own layout with Page Builder. Using over 350 templates and without any kind of coding touch, you can customize as you wish.

sway theme

17. Square

You can install Esquire Themes in any way via FTP Account WordPress Dashboard. Depending on the preferences of the users, one of the two options can be chosen,

 Real Estate Website Real Estate WordPress does three great things to boost business growth. This theme includes ajax, sticky header, easy property listings, custom section, custom header, and footer.

 The theme includes a powerful element page-builder. Without coding knowledge, it is possible to show a new look by dragging and dropping in moments.

square theme

18. HomeID

A handicraft HomeId WordPress theme is enough for the real estate business. Interestingly presents property information to visitors. Advanced functions, shortcodes, and template sections allow you to change the look of the website at any time.

HomeID Homeid WordPress Themes are designed to showcase excellent home design and other page features. The theme consists of two deadly face builders. Helps to avoid website coding with two page-builders



It can also be used to create a real estate website for a single property

homeid theme

19. Realhomes

A Handicraft WordPress Theme for Websites is real homes. Real homes theme Real Estate WordPress Element Element Design brings variety and flexibility. High level of customizability and functionality. Built in over 50+ element widgets and over 19+ real estate property widgets. Includes a number of pre-build headers and footers that can be displayed on the website in one click.

It works very well for the growth and development of real estate agents and agency companies.

Adding Property, Agents, Agencies, Price Format, URL Slugs, GDPR, Social Links, Webhooks Very nice futures you will get this theme.


20. Homeo

If you are looking for a flexible WordPress theme then homeo theme will be best for you

Users can manage their own list without having access to the admin dashboard.

You can easily use this theme without any coding, you will find the kind of real estate website you are interested in creating in this theme future.

By creating a real estate website with this theme, all your content will be able to reach the property visitors.

homeo theme

21. Resido

If you want to create a local and global real estate website then resido is the first choice for you.

Resido Real Estate WordPress Theme will help you create a beautiful project. Because it contains high-quality code, JT was created as a SmartDataSoft efficient stream

This theme is suitable for any type of agency, agent, apartment, corporate, real estate, rent, house, hotel, property, and all services. Residue theme plays an important role in creating such websites as booking, easy property listings, property, realtor, and accommodation.

The modern UX resido theme is a part that offers the theme. Resido theme enables you to publish your website in a subtle style. Create dynamic, responsive professional websites without any hassle.

resido theme
easy property listings

22. Real Property

Another great real estate WordPress theme is real property that can be used for rental business. The dsIDXpress WordPress plugin is a real property feature that can be used to list properties.

 Real Estate WordPress Theme for Real Estate Agency, Property Website Builder, Great for Property Management Portal.Property Photos, Advanced Property Search, Google Map Integration, Subscription Form.

Properties, Agents, Agencies, SEO, Monetization, Speed, Google Map,reCAPTCHA, and Terms These types of futures are realia theme features.

 You’ll find the benefits of using properties, agent lists, agencies, search filtering, and maps in the WordPress theme.

real property theme
best real estate wordpress theme

23. Real places

Real Place is a new theme for WordPress users that will keep your real estate site up to date in Hawaii.

The Real Place WordPress theme can be selected to set a new standard in the real estate industry. It offers a variety of design variations, including very useful features.

Advanced Search has functionality that can be used to find properties through any type of search.

These theme layouts play an important role in making each project interesting. No matter which demos you choose, each demo layout will give you something unique.

 Google Maps With Properties Markers, Drag & Drop Layout Manager for Home Page, Easy to Use Interface, Flexibility to Add Floor Plans

real places
real estate wordpress theme free


Homeland is enough to create a modern flat clean design. Reaching targets to visitors increases targeted sales.

 In order to present a professional image to the clients, there is a way to create a great look and user design, make it a part of the list of Homeland Real Estate Agents, and display it with a stylish modern website. The site has a custom page and 16 widgets.

It has 3 layouts which include, custom posts, filtering, search options, and much more.

real estate wordpress

25. Kallyas

With over 50,000 satisfied customers, applications for Kallyas are almost endless With their easy-to-use drag and drop page builder, built out of the box (no plugins required) can create almost any page imaginably. They are constantly creating homepage page fizz and custom pages.

Not to mention the coding for their powerful theme. Complete documentation as a Killyas carrier can be found in the database. Details of all websites in killyas can be found via video. Contains over 150 pre-build elements and a strong live chat.

real homes wordpress theme

Thanks for reading this post for a while.

One question may come to your mind, and that is all the real estate themes I have said are good, so which one should I choose?

In reply, I would say that every one of the WordPress real estate themes shown to you has a demand. Each team has a unique design that can be tailored to your business. If you do not find what you are looking for then just ask.

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