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Introduction: Real estate school Houston

It’s no secret that the Texas real estate sector is thriving! It’s even speculated that it’s becoming the new silicon valley, with huge tech businesses deciding to move. With listings getting hundreds of bids, property prices are on the increase which means real estate brokers may make more money.

If you’re seeking to get in on this, it’s crucial to realize that a good career path begins with your real estate education. That’s why having inside information from industry professionals is vital when determining where to start earning your real estate license in Texas. In fact, selecting the appropriate pick for your real estate school is one of the most critical choices a new agent can make!

Online Real Estate Schools in Houston

TREC Exam Pass Rates: Did you know that just 60% of test-takers (28,824 passed / 47,693 taken) pass the TREC exam as of September 13, 2022? That’s a tad nerve-racking, given that the main objective of your real estate school is to pass this exam and establish a successful real estate career! See TREC Provider Exam Pass Rates

Features & Benefits: Based on each real estate school’s websites, we’re having a look at their current information and course offerings.

Real Estate Courses in Houston

Aceable’s real estate students in Houston benefit from creative and interesting courses. Aceable courses, maybe the most prominent curriculum differentiator, are all built to function with your phone or tablet! You are not limited to using your home computer or laptop. You may deepen your real estate education at any time and from any location!

We also offer unique workshops! Some topics, such as contracts and real estate math, are best learned by doing. These courses are ideal for getting hands-on experience doing real estate computations and preparing real estate contracts (exactly as you’ll do as a licensed agent).

But just because we’re technologically proficient doesn’t mean we don’t have a human touch. We have real estate specialists on hand seven days a week to personally answer any questions you may have concerning the course content. On the odd occasion that you encounter a technical issue, our quick and pleasant tech help is accessible via phone, email, chat, and even social media.

Course Features

Aceable is now providing our Texas Essentials Package, which includes your pre-license course bundle, light real estate test prep, fully narrated courses, and teacher assistance from real estate specialists, as of October 2021.

This package includes your pre-license course bundle, light real estate test prep, fully narrated courses, and real estate professional teacher assistance.

Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express is a well-known Houston online real estate school. McKissock Learning, their sister institution, provides licensure courses in anything from appraisal to house inspection to banking.

Real Estate Express provides a comprehensive selection of real estate courses in Houston for licensure and continuing education at a reasonable price.

Houston Real Estate Express Classes

Real Estate Express, according to its website, provides both online courses and live stream classes. Their courses may be done on a regular schedule or at any moment of your choosing. However, their website recommends taking the course on a PC or laptop since their course examinations cannot be accessible by phone or tablet.

The Benefits of the Real Estate Express Course

The ‘Basics’ plan now includes teacher help and digital flashcards as of December 6, 2021. You would need to buy the ‘Test Preparation’ package for exam prep, which includes exam prep and a pass or don’t pay guarantee. A real estate lexicon and a Q&A with teachers are included in the ‘Exam Preparation Plus’ package.

Houston Real Estate Courses Champions

Over the years, the teachers have consistently done an excellent job of delivering the course information in their on-campus sessions. Houston has three campuses: North Campus, West Campus, and Galleria Campus (on West Loop South). Weekend and evening sessions are provided in addition to weekday classes.

Champions may be a good option for you if you learn best via in-person coaching. It will offer its own 100% online course in June 2021, which can be accessed through a web browser on your phone or PC.

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