Real Estate Salesperson: A Simple Definition

Real Estate Salesperson

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How can I become a competent real estate salesperson?

Real estate salespersons organize the sale of houses and aid purchasers to identify appropriate properties.

Real estate is a demanding sector to work in since the hours are long, customers want you to be accessible after hours, and it takes time, hard effort, and patience to create a reputation.

Their responsibilities may include:

  • Find a mentor that has many years and transactions of expertise and learn as much as you can from them.
  • Study your state’s purchasing contract every day. Write down questions and ask your broker for assistance understanding anything you don’t know in the contract and ask for real-world examples as to how that knowledge relates to a transaction and how it might influence your customers.
  • Study the market. Start with your own neighborhood. Go tour houses. Go on Broker caravans to see properties with other agents and brokers. When analyzing the market seek assistance in understanding valuations and assessments. Understand how to correctly appraise a house to sell in the present market.
  • Take courses either via your office or the local Realtor organization about the items mentioned.
  • Learn the art of communication. Both written and verbal communication is vitally crucial in any career. This is a career thus you want to learn to be professional if you aren’t already. LISTENING is a BIG component of communication therefore learn to listen. Listening to your client’s worries and wants is how you’ll know how to effectively aid them.
  • We are not SELLING a customer something they don’t want or need. We aren’t here to cajole people into anything using clever sales skills. Being an agent that is informed and being able to concentrate on teaching your customer how to attain their objectives is what will gain trust and future business.
  • Always, always, always do what’s in the best interest of your customer and only offer counsel that follows that rule.

Can I use my real estate salesperson license for anything other than becoming an agent?

In California, you can’t accomplish much with only a real estate salesperson’s license (check your local state’s restrictions).

To represent someone else in the sale, purchase, or lease of real estate in California, you must either be a licensed broker or work for a licensed broker who has a current salesperson license. The same is true for receiving a commission on a sale – you cannot participate in commissions if you do not match the standards outlined above.

You can manage property without a license if it is your own, but only if it is your own property. You may purchase and sell your own properties, but only up to 8 times each year.

Can a real estate salesperson work independently?

No. Salespersons must operate under a Broker’s supervision. In reality, according to the Law of Agency, a salesman has no tie to the principal. The listing is taken in the name of the Broker. The Broker is the lone agent of the principal. The salesman is not the representative of the seller. The Broker is the agent of the seller. The salesperson has a “hunting license” to collect listings or buyers for the Broker. Basically a “Bounty Hunter”. And Broker licensees (Associate Brokers) are merely salespersons working for a Broker. Agents possessing a Broker’s License should be actual Brokers. I know agents who own Brokerages who won’t acquire their Broker’s license. They instead engage a “Ghost Broker” to take the hit from the DRE. If you hold a Brokers license and operate under another Broker, you have an extra obligation. Better to be merely a salesman and act dumb when the DRE hits and let the Broker or “Rent-a Broker” take the blame.

What is the difference between a real estate broker and a real estate salesperson?

Many are arguing that a Broker is in command of all the Salespeople. Not so. THE Broker who is in control is called The Designated Broker although the term “designated” normally doesn’t appear on their license. That one and only Designated Broker (all offices must have ONE) is in control of all of the licensed individuals in their Office and some of those people have Brokers’ Licenses and some have Salespersons’ Licenses.

This also differs from one State to another as some have gone to “all broker” licenses, but you still have ONE Designated Broker.

In States that still offer a Salesperson license, the Broker License needs additional hours of schooling, passing of a Broker level exam, and generally a set amount of Closed Transactions before they may move up from Salesperson to Broker on their license. Many who do qualify opt not to earn the Broker’s license since they may be subjected to a greater degree of care with no offsetting advantage. So many individuals keep a Salesperson license for a lower responsibility.

typically no change at all. A Salesperson Licensed someone might have more experience and be better at what they do than someone with a Broker’s license. Most Designated Brokers don’t communicate with customers at all, and when they do it is typically not a benefit to the consumer for a number of reasons.

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