Today’s Top Real Estate Scripts for Buyers: You Must Ask This Question

Today's Top Real Estate Scripts for Buyers

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In this market, what are the best real estate scripts for buyers?

What are the finest real estate scripts for buyers in this market?  Everyone usually asks “Well, what is this market? is the standard response. Because it really depends.

For most individuals, trying to purchase a property right now might seem daunting. Interest rates are higher than they have been in years, and some experts believe that property values will begin to fall. As a result, using scripts to manage a prospective buyer’s concerns may not come across well.

That’s what we’re going to speak about today: buyer scripts that enable you to answer objections without being salesy.

Let’s go straight into some theory here…

The Phil Jones Method of Handling Objections

If you attended this year’s Success Summit, you’ll recall what a genius Phil Jones is. Our coaching members have just received even more of his genius, thanks to his objection-handling masterclass and his presence on my members-only program, The Playbook with Head Coach Tom Ferry. 

During his lesson, Phil asked, “What is an objection?” In its most basic form, an “objection” is a challenge to your authority. So, if someone throws an objection at you and you answer with an objection to their objection, it’s like if you replied to a punch with a punch. You’re now in a battle.

Instead, you must initiate the dialogue using questions. When you answer an argument with a question – or, better yet, offer the question before the objection – you create control and position yourself as an ally.

That being stated, what are the questions you should be asking every individual you encounter today?

Best Real Estate Scripts, No. 1: The Trifecta

This is a really basic trio of questions that just starts the discussion. When the conversation goes to real estate and you feel even the least apprehension, I want you to ask anybody you’re speaking with:

Could you kindly offer your sources?

Do not ask this aggressively. You’re just curious, therefore you’re asking. Most of the time, you’ll hear that it’s office gossip, an aunt or cousin, or something they heard on a huge headline news source that doesn’t take into account all factors.

is now available:

Has someone taken the effort to offer you accurate market data from our area?

Isn’t it more forceful when phrased as a question? You are not requesting that they watch a sales presentation. You’re merely giving them a chance to perform a service for which no one else has done. During yesterday’s webinar talk with market-trend specialist David Childers, we offered everyone access to Keeping Current Matters’ most current market data slides for agents to utilize in their appointments and marketing. Simply take the KCM slides from this page and use them to perform what you do best.

Best Real Estate Scripts, No. 2: The Most Important Question

This script is so lovely since it is just one line long, yet it gets directly to the core of what every buyer is thinking.

How long do you expect to remain at this house?

Often, they are unaware that they are asking themselves this question until you bring it up, but once you do, they will know the answer. What you’re doing here demonstrates how thoroughly you’re examining their requirements, since too frequently agents attempt to resolve an issue before they even know what the individual is objecting to. You want to be the realtor that qualifies a buyer based on their objectives, not merely their financial status when purchasing a house.

The second lovely aspect of this sentence is that it shocks people out of their short-term thinking. When you show them the long-term house price appreciation statistics, it makes far more sense for them to purchase now, despite the current market’s small instability. Unless, of course, they want to reside in the property for a short period of time, in which case you may assist them in exploring possibilities that best suit their needs.

How to Interview a Small Business Owner the Right Way – Ask Question

Did you write them down?

So there you have it… the most excellent real estate scripts for buyers in the current market.

With just a few months remaining in the year, it’s time to get serious. These questions are so basic but powerful that I want you to internalize them and be ready to utilize them with everyone you speak to in the future.

 I hope these scripts are useful, and I am certain they will be if you follow through on having these talks.


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